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The highest quality is the only standard at MAVRO. For more than 20 years! Discover our acid
facade cleaners for the most
heavy facade pollution!
The highest quality is the only standard at MAVRO. Specific requirements or wishes Questions about your order? Other questions?
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MAVRO International UK

Producer of professional cleaning products, protective coatings, graffiti removers & other specialized chemicals.

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Paint Removers

Effective graffiti removers, paint strippers and other paint removers

  • Removers
  • Paint strippers
  • Graffiti removers
  • Ink removers
  • Graffiti shadow removers
  • Other removers

Professional Cleaning Products

High quality industry grade cleaning products now available for your home.

  • Professional cleaning products
  • Facade cleaners
  • Multi purpose cleaners

Protective coatings

Nano, anti-graffiti, ceramic and other durable, long lasting protective coatings.

  • Protective coatings
  • Floor sealers
  • Facade coatings
  • Anti graffiti paint
  • Nano coatings
  • Building chemicals

Building chemicals

From epoxy resin flooring, to epoxy primers, repair mortars, roof coatings and more

  • Building chemicals
  • Specialist cleaning equipment
  • Other products
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