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Professional cleaning products

Mavro International produces a complete range of professional cleaning products for cleaning facades, interiors, trains, walls, but also smooth substrates like glass and plastic. When creating our line of cleaning products, we tried to find a definitive answer for all the most common cleaning challenges. We wanted to make a difference in the process of cleaning not by adding numbers of strokes that need to be applied, but by making the products so much more effective that the cleaning agents do as much heavy lifting as possible while being safe and not damaging the surface.


Mavro International’s professional cleaning products will:

- clean floors

- clean tiles and grout

- effectively clean stainless steel and protect it

- clean and give shine to extremely dirty and etched glass

- remove stubborn odours from surfaces

- degrease surfaces and give them shine

- clean your hands safely

High quality professional cleaning products

You should expect more from our products because this is what we strive for when we developed them. Mavro’s Stainless steel degreaser doesn’t just clean inox, but it gives it shine and protects it for a long time. The same goes for our other cleaners. Cleaning tiles, glass and plastic has become easier and better because, when cleaning with Mavro International products we also give surfaces a refreshed look at the same time.

What professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

Ever wonder what professional window cleaners use to clean windows so effectively? Mavro International might just have the answer to that question. The window cleaners we provide are industrial grade, we use these products for cleaning trains and industrial buildings, so you can be sure that these extremely efficient glass cleaners will work wonders on even the most heavily soiled and damaged windows. Same goes for our floor cleaners that will also help you with cleaning grout.

But this is not all we offer in the category of professional cleaning products. You can also find products for more general use like all purpose cleaners, alcohol spray, bleach cleaners, ammonia cleaners and other detergents that can be applied on a variety of substrates and can easily clean different types of pollution and dirt. Mavro has got you covered even if you need a strong solvent like rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) - sometimes called surgical - spirit or maybe just a quality hand alcohol gel.

Contact us and let us know if there’s a cleaning challenge you have, that we didn’t cover with our products.

If you would like to browse our professional cleaning products by subcategory, you can do it by using the links below:

facade cleaners

specialist cleaners

other cleaners

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  1. FACADECLEAN GEL Facade cleaner 57650
    As low as €15.39
    • Gel-like facade cleaner
    • For porous facades
    • Biodegradable
  2. FACADECLEAN EXTRA STRONG Facade cleaner 57646
    As low as €168.48
    • Removes all pollution
    • For porous facades
    • Fast-acting
    As low as €11.34
    • Neutral cleaning agent
    • Doesn't damage the surface
    • Biodegradable
  4. TRAINCLEAN 57631
    As low as €11.06
    • Cleaner for e.g. trains
    • User friendly
    • Biodegradable
  5. DEEPCLEAN 57931
    As low as €13.91
    • Acid polishing cream
    • Easy to use
    • For many surfaces
  6. FACADECLEAN ALKALINE Facade cleaner 57641
    As low as €17.39
    • Acid facade cleaner
    • For acid-sensitive facade
    • Biodegradable
  7. FACADECLEAN Facade cleaner 57635
    As low as €15.09
    • Acid cleaner
    • For porous facades
    • Biodegradable
  8. GLASSRENOVATOR Glass cleaner 59165
    As low as €36.66
    • Cleans glass surfaces
    • User friendly
    • Soluble in water
  9. BUTYLACETATE solvent 57807
    As low as €22.08
    • Effective solvent
    • Suitable as pre-cleaner
    • For various surfaces
  10. ALUCLEAN Aluminium cleaner 57927
    As low as €13.49
    • Aluminum cleaner
    • Removes soot and oxide
    • Biodegradable
  11. HIGH ALKALINE Cleaner 57639
    As low as €15.92
    • High alkaline cleaner
    • For mineral surfaces
    • For various pollutions
  12. LOW FOAMING All purpose cleaner 54110
    As low as €11.34
    • All purpose cleaner
    • Low foaming
    • For various surfaces
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