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INOX Concept

At Mavro International, we develop specific products for cleaning, maintenance and protection of different substrates. Each product line is carefully formulated with a specific function or substrate in mind. This is also the case with the Inox concept product line. As the name suggests, the range of products covers the maintenance, protection and cleaning of stainless steel.

The Inox Concept product line for stainless steel maintenance includes:

- a stainless steel cleaner

- a specific stainless steel degreaser

- a stainless steel coating

- a special stainless steel cleaner for the cleaning of stainless steel surfaces that were treated with a stainless steel protective coating

- a remover of the stainless steel protective coating

Why do I need a special stainless steel cleaner?

Stainless steel is a durable material that can withstand the weather and various types of dirt and contamination for a long time. But it is precisely because the stainless substrate is often positioned outdoors or exposed to extreme dirt, that cleaning stainless steel can often be a challenge. How to clean stainless steel? We developed special stainless steel cleaning products that can be used for a one-off cleaning of inox or for precision cleaning, as a preparation for the application of a stainless steel protective coating.   

INOX PRE-CLEAN Ammonia based stainless steel cleaner

It is wise to thoroughly clean the stainless steel surface before applying protection, as the stainless steel coating we offer is very durable and it would be unwise to leave any dirt on the surface before application. INOX PRE-CLEAN stainless steel cleaner is ammonia-based to make cleaning stainless steel really thorough and at the same time as easy and quick as possible, which will be especially important if you need to clean dirt from large areas of stainless steel. INOX PRE-CLEAN can be purchased in a 5 litre canister or in a practical 1 litre spray bottle ready for use.

How to clean a stainless steel cooker hood? With a strong stainless steel degreaser!

Sometimes cleaning stainless steel is further hampered by deposits of grease, so cleaning stainless steel becomes particularly difficult, as anyone who has ever wondered how to clean a stainless steel cooker hood knows. If the grease deposits are extremely stubborn it is hard to achieve the desired results. Our INOX DEGREASER stainless steel degreaser is solvent-based, so cleaning inox becomes quick and easy no matter how much dirt and grease has accumulated and how long it has been waiting to be cleaned. If you have been disappointed by commercial inox cleaners in the past, try Mavro International's stainless steel cleaner, which has been made for professional use and you will discover a new dimension in cleaning. We advise to use the stainless steel degreaser after INOX-PRE CLEAN in order to eliminate even the finest dirt or grease from the stainless steel surface before applying the stainless steel coating. So, whether you are wondering how to clean a stainless steel cooker hood perfectly or you want to be sure to have your substrate impeccably clean and dry before the application of the stainless steel coating, INOX DEGREASER stainless steel degreaser is the best choice for you.

How to clean brushed stainless steel in general?

Many customers have already asked us how to clean brushed stainless steel. Clearly you must not use anything abrasive, because that would damage the surface right away. Mavro’s products for the treatment of stainless steel get the job done really easily no matter the circumstances. You see a stainless steel hand rail on a house balcony is not exposed to the same use as a hand rail in a shopping centre. Since our two stainless steel cleaning products have been created for industrial use, you will no longer be asking how to clean brushed stainless steel, regardless of the level of dirt or even contamination. Now, protecting the surface, that’s another matter. 

Should I use a stainless steel coating after cleaning?

It is especially important to protect inox surfaces that are exposed to constant use. The best example is lift doors, which are constantly used, touched, scratched and bumped into in public buildings, businesses, schools and similar establishments. Even if they are not damaged by users, it is inevitable that stains and handprints are left on them on a daily basis. INOXCOAT stainless steel coating is a special protective agent for stainless steel that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The water-based stainless steel protective coating protects the surface against light mechanic wear and adhesion of grease and dirt. Once the surface has been protected with an inox coating, even if it gets dirty, it is much easier to clean. This high-quality stainless steel protective coating also covers minor imperfections on stainless steel when first applied and protects it for a long time.

What to do if the Stainless Steel Coating wears off over time?

Mavro International's INOXCOAT Coating is very durable, but the protective layer can wear off after a few years, especially in places where it is constantly subjected to mechanical forces. That is not a problem. Remove the stainless steel coating and apply a fresh layer. We have created a special substance designed to remove the coating from stainless steel. INOXCOAT REMOVER removes the stainless steel protective coating quickly and easily and the substrate is ready for a fresh application.

Keep the surfaces protected with INOXCOAT clean with daily cleaning

We have also taken care of another aspect of stainless steel maintenance. Once you have protected stainless steel with INOXCOAT, the surface can get dirty little by little each day, especially if it is in a place where there is a high volume of people; for example, in airports and other public areas. It is important to use a stainless steel cleaner that will not damage the protective layer. For this purpose, we have designed a special product: INOXCOAT Daily care - stainless steel cleaner for treated surfaces. This stainless steel cleaner is intended for frequent use, to maintain a shiny appearance of the surface, without removing the protective layer.

Which is the best stainless steel cleaner, you ask?

Well at Mavro we are used to having a professional approach because we started as an industry grade production company, so we always look at the full picture. In the case of the maintenance of stainless steel we think that is not so much about which is the best stainless steel cleaner, but more about how taking care of the substrate for its entire lifespan. We put a lot of effort in our products, so we can confidently say that our cleaner is the best stainless steel cleaner, or one of the best, but the truth is that if you don’t protect the surface after it has been cleaned, it doesn’t really matter. So we advise that rather than using a single product, you use what we call a system  and take care of your property with full maintenance.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate contacting us, we are glad to help.

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