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Renovation coatings

Mavro International's NITORANGE product line includes a wide range of high-quality professional products for the protection of external surfaces and elements on buildings. Our renovation coatings are primarily intended for the restoration and protection of non-porous surfaces. Because the exterior surfaces of modern commercial and residential buildings are in many cases made of smooth, non-classic materials, we have created this line of protective and restorative coatings, which is intended to protect building elements and revive the colour of faded surfaces.

For exterior window sills, water barriers, facade panels, low-slope roofs and more.

NITORANGE protective and repair coatings are intended for all exterior building elements, which are made of non-porous, smooth, powder-coated and otherwise painted materials. These include, for example, facade panels made of metal, trespa panels, aluminum window sills, and external window sills made of synthetic materials, window frames made of various materials, water barriers and similar external elements of commercial or industrial buildings.

For these purposes, Mavro International’s line of renovation coatings offers:

  • ● acrylic coatings for protection of window sills and frames
  • ● silicone-based protective coatings which give a nice finish to surfaces
  • ● acrylic primers and adhesive primers that enhance adhesion of subsequent coatings
  • ● two-component paint coatings, which are a great solution for protecting smooth surfaces and ad colour at the same time
  • ● one-component primers
  • ● polishes for building elements
  • ● alkyd resin-based primer coatings
  • ● coatings for metaal elements on buildings (for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals)
  • rinse aids for large surfaces which not only clean the exterior elements of your building, but also protect it

As you can see, many of out renovation coatings unite 2 or 3 functions into one product. So you might be able to clean and protect a trespa cladding at the same time or rinse dirt from soiled window sills while also giving them a fresh shine and protecting them, for years to come. Most of the products presented also boast with a strong hydrophobic (that is: water repellent) and oleophobic (dirt repellent) effect, which means the protected surface will repel water and dirt.

NITORANGE provides the ideal protective coating or renovation coating for faded paint

One of the special features of the NITORANGE line is that it offers products that - in addition to protecting non-porous materials on the outside of buildings - ensure pigment renewal. We carefully produced specific products to enliven the colour of various substrates. Whether it is discoloured facade panels made of metal or, for example, the weathering of faded aluminium window sills, the NITORANGE line can offer a solution. If you want to restore the look of acrylic paint on trespa panels, we have a product that will “pull” the original pigment from the old base to the surface. This of course also applies to metallic paints. If you are looking for a means of restoring metallic paint to its original gloss and shine, you will find a product for it in the NITORANGE line too.

High-gloss one and two-component paints that have a long service life

NITORANGE protective paints are available in one-component and two-component versions. In both cases, protective paint coatings are available in all RAL colors. We also prepared high quality special primers and adhesion primers so that the protective paint coatings and other protective finishes really stick and for a long time. The combination of NITOCOLOUR professional protective paint coatings and appropriate NITOCOLOUR primers provides long-term protection of facade elements and other building surfaces, and a long-lasting refreshed look.

Permanent coatings, semi - permanent coatings, paint coatings and reversible coatings

That's right. Some of Mavro’s protective and renovation coatings for plastics, other synthetic coatings and metals are semi-permanent, while some are permanent and can protect the outer elements of your building for up to 10 years and more. Most coatings are reversible, which means that they can also be removed quickly with a suitable coating remover, which we also provide.

Water-repellent coatings that create a self-cleaning layer on the surface

Most NIOTRANGE coatings repel water and dirt. That means that the facade panels, and window sills are protected from weather, pollution and UV rays with an oleophobic and hydrophobic layer. Amongst the NITORANGE protective coatings is also a ceramic coating for the protection of building elements that is resistant to corrosion, just like our other renovation coatings.

How to choose the right renovation coating that will protect your building and restore its shine?

Since every substrate and material is different, we developed in our laboratory a wide range of renovation coatings in order to address all of our client’s needs.

These include:

  • epoxy adhesion primers which prepare the surface for the next layer
  • ● high quality and durability protective paints
  • ● a wax that acts as a polish and protection of building elements
  • ● and even a rinse aid, which simultaneously cleans the metal or plastic surface and protects it.

Each of our permanent coatings, semi-permanent and reversible coatings, as well as one-component and two-component paints have specific properties. In order for the paint protection and restoration coating you need to be the best for the specifics of your circumstances, we advise you to contact us to advise you on which renovation coating or paint restoration coating is most suitable for your case. Write to us, we are happy to help.

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