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Graffiti shadow removers

If you have experience with clearing graffiti off a wall, especially if it is a brick wall, you know that once you are done with that, chances are that you will have another issue to deal with: removing graffiti shadows, which more often than not, stay on the mineral surface where the graffiti used to be.

How to remove graffiti shadows?

What makes removing graffiti ghosting or removing graffiti shadows so challenging is that you want to remove it in such a way that you don’t change the appearance of the background, that is why mechanical removing (scrubbing) is off the table. You must use a strong graffiti shadow remover that will work aggressively on the ghosting, but not damage the surface. Mavro’s graffiti shadow removers penetrate deep in the mineral surface and “detach” the ghosting from the substrate. Our graffiti shadows removal products can be used on porous surfaces like concrete, masonry, brick etc. and some plastics and other non mineral surfaces (for more detailed information about the range of usage, read each product description or write to us.)

Remove graffiti shadows from vertical surfaces and ceilings

If you need to remove graffiti shadows from vertical surfaces or a ceiling, you can use our graffiti shadow remover gel. We prepared a gel form of the product exactly for this purpose. Using a liquid product in such circumstances can be hard, because the product will drip down on your hand and that can be really annoying (even if you use proper protection like our chemical resistant gloves).