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Floor sealers

Welcome to the section of the online store Mavro International UK, where we offer you everything you need for professional floor impregnation. It’s your go to place if you want to do floor sealing by yourself, but in a professional manner and with a high-quality product. In this category you will find floor coatings for various materials and substrates. Whether you need to seal the floor of your terrace or yard, if you need a durable driveway sealer, maybe a more specific product like a solvent based natural stone sealer or some other type of floor sealer, we got you covered. Mavro’s product a

If you need a product for the impregnation of natural stone, perhaps a brick floor sealer, a good paver sealer or even a stone floor sealer, you will get a quality product from us that will solve your issue. As always, we invite you to write to us if you have any doubts about which Mavro International product is right for your situation.

You can’t go wrong with a professional paver sealer

One of the most common spring tasks in the field of the protection of yard floors and especially driveways is the impregnation of pavers. To protect the pavers, use a quality block paving sealer by Mavro International UK. We have been producing and distributing floor sealing products for more than 2 decades and we know how it is done properly. Mavro’s paver sealers give pavers a longer lifespan, a nicer look and allows you to clean them faster. The water-repellent floor sealers that we offer in this category are designed to penetrate the mineral substrate, "seal" it and prevent the intrusion of moisture and dirt, which makes the appearance of pavers or other substrates change much slower than it would if they were protected with a non-professional paver sealer product.

Which surfaces can I protect with Mavro’s floor sealers

With our high-quality professional floor sealing products, you can protect most porous mineral surfaces and also some non-porous, smooth surfaces. Seal the floor inside or outside (depending on the type of surface) with Mavro International’s sealers for the floor and don’t worry about it for years to come. With our products you will be able to find, amongst other products:  

  • stone floor sealers
  • water-repellent concrete floor sealers
  • solvent based natural stone sealers
  • brick floor sealers
  • tile sealers
  • polymer wax for floor protection
  • products for impregnation of terraces, driveways, yards, etc.

Do you need a brick floor sealer?

Yes, you do! We want to emphasize that floor sealing for bricks is extremely important because brick floors are especially prone to damage and wear. Do not put off sealing of your brick floor because if you wait too much the damage could become irreversible. To find the best sealer for brick floors, check out our offer. Mavro’s brick floor sealers will protect your brick floors and also make them easier to clean since they will not allow dirt and water to penetrate in the smaller pores of the highly porous substrate.

Why choose Mavro International floor impregnation products?

Our products are the result of our work, testing and development. When preparing a new tile sealer or, say a block paving sealer, we first make sure that the predicted efficiency of the product is 90% or above of what we expected it to be, when preparing the recipe. If the product does not meet expectations, we update it until it reaches the level of quality and efficiency we desire. This is why, our water-repellent floor impregnation products really repel water and dirt effectively and for a long time.

Do you think sealing concrete floors can be a challenge? Not with Mavro’s products!

Take good care of your porous cement floors. Not only will a quality cement floor sealer be a great solution if you are looking for waterproofing for concrete floors, it might also make the floors inside your garage or on the yard look nicer and refreshed, not to mention that it is going to be much easier to clean them. Most of our products for sealing concrete floors are water-based sealers so you don’t need special equipment for application and they are easy to use. Check out the whole category and find the best concrete floor sealer for your needs. It is also nice that most of our products can be used on multiple porous and sometimes even on nonporous surfaces. That means that if you need to impregnate different kinds of substrates, you might be able to do it with the same product.

Find the floor sealer you need or write to us

Because the products we offer are specific in some cases and sometimes a certain amount of prior knowledge is required to choose the right one, we offer our help and advice if you might need it. For example, if you do not know how waterproofing for concrete floors is done properly, what concrete sealer would be most suitable for your space or you do not know how to begin your pavers sealing efforts, write to us by e-mail, we will be happy to help you with advice.

If you are interested in sealing or otherwise protecting other kinds of substrates, please check out other related categories:


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