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High-quality coating that gives long-lasting gloss- and colour retention to extremely weathered surfaces.

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NitoShield is a 100% solvent-free coating based on high-quality silicones that provide long-term protection, gloss- and colour-retention to powdered and chalked coatings, weathered overhead doors and plastic.
NitoShield is UV-resistant and vapour permeable, therefore preventing cracks, blistering and separation on the surface.

NitoRange consists of a collection of high-quality, protective colour- and shine-retention coatings for non-absorbent surfaces.
Aware of the fact that every surface, situation and object differs, our laboratory has developed a wide range of renovation coatings. Permanent coatings, semi-permanent reversible coatings and colour coatings,, each with their own unique properties. Customization, quality, durability and colour deepening are all represented within the NitoRange!


NitoShield has been specially developed for application on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, high-pressure laminate,
windowsills, (powdered) aluminium and coated surfaces. In particular powdered window frames on office- and commercial-buildings and weathered overhead doors.


• Restores and strengthens the original colour of the surface
• Gives a high gloss appearance
• The coating is easy to clean, vapour permeable, UV- and chemical-resistant
• Simple application with a microfibre applicator
• Very high efficiency


1. The pre-treatment of the surface is particularly important for the application of NitoShield. Thoroughly clean the surface with Uniclean Low Foaming and rinse with water.
2. Use Isopropanol to remove any last residues and to dry the surface.
3. Apply a small amount of NitoShield on a microfibre cloth and apply a very thin layer on the surface. Remove excess material with a dry microfibre cloth to ensure a thin layer.


50-70m2/L, this depends on the porosity and roughness of the surface.

50-70m2/L, this depends on the porosity and roughness of the surface.