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Mavroseal WB Waterborne strong facade coating

Mavroseal Wb Strong is a reliable waterborne impregnating agent, a strong facade coating based on siloxane technology. It penetrates in the surface and creates a long lasting water and self cleaning repellent effect. Does not seal the surface, so the facade stays breathable.
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Mavroseal Wb Strong is a high-quality waterborne impregnating agent. Strong facade coating based on silane/siloxane.
Mavroseal Wb Strong penetrates deep within the surface and leaves a long-lasting water repellent effect.
Mavroseal Wb Strong does not seal the surface and is therefore 100% vapour permeable.
Mavroseal Wb Strong has excellent UV- and alkali-resistance.


Mavroseal Wb Strong is suitable for the impregnation of both old and new mineral surfaces such as brick, mineral stucco, concrete, sand-lime brick and natural stone.


• Highly water resistant
• 100% vapour permeable
• High penetration ability
• Reduces dirt-adhesion
• Prevents white deposit
• Solvent-free
• High durability


10 l, 25 l, 210 l en 1000 l.


1. Clean facades with a pressure washer. For extremely polluted surfaces use a suitable façade-cleaner such as Facadeclean. Remove algae, moss and mould with Algen Remover.
2. Cover surfaces that will not be treated such as glass, window frames, pavement and plants with foil.
3. Ensure that the surface is completely dry.
4. Apply Mavroseal Wb Strong undiluted with a low pressure spray, a roller or with the flow method. Work carefully from bottom to top and apply an eventual second layer wet-on-wet to ensure that the surface is saturated.
5. Remove any excess material with a damp cloth.


Ambient temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Substrate temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Relative humidity: max.95% and 3°C above dewpoint
During application and drying.


Water resistant: after 2 hours
Dry: after 4 hours


Consumption is 1-2 m2/L, this depends on the absorbency and porosity of the surface.


Can be kept for at least 12 months in original unopened packaging.
Store in a cool, frost-free place.


Avoid eye contact, wear safety goggles. If in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Consumption is 1-2 m2/L, this depends on the absorbency and porosity of the surface.