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Household cleaning products

We have prepared this special category "Household cleaning products " in which we have gathered a variety of products that combine an affordable price with a practical use for cleaning the home. Needless to say that the usual high quality of Mavro International’s products remains unchanged.

Household cleaning products that are actually professional cleaning products

That's right. All the cleaning products and other products we manufacture, are in fact extremely high quality products that meet the high demands of the industrial sector, the difference (with the Household cleaning products category)  is only in the fact that we have repackaged them for practical use and household cleaning, and we have given them a more affordable price. The wide range of products offers a solution for every cleaning challenge you will encounter while cleaning your home and it’s surrounding. Mavro International's household cleaning products are extremely powerful yet safe for surfaces.

What can I use Mavro International’s Household cleaning products for?

With our household cleaning products, you will be able to perform the following home cleaning tasks with much greater ease and faster than you would with your usual commercial cleaning products:

Window cleaning

We offer some exceptional professional window cleaners used by professional window cleaners and cleaning services, such as the Windowclean or Glass cleaner.

Glass cleaning and protection

Once you have cleaned your glass, you can protect it and make it water-repellent with Mavro’s nano coating for glass.

Countertop cleaning

Fast and effective kitchen countertop cleaning and cleaning other interior surfaces in the kitchen can be achieved with our Interior multipurpose cleaner.

Floor cleaning

We offer some quality floor cleaning products options. Some of them can also be used with a spray bottle, like the popular Floor cleaner detergent.


Either for descaling sanitary surfaces or for cleaning cement and mortar residues from mineral surfaces. One example is Mavro’s Sanitary Descaler.

Tiles cleaning

We offer special products for cleaning tiles, and protecting tiles as well as other very smooth ceramic or similar surfaces.

Bathroom cleaning

If you are looking for aggressive cleaners for cleaning different sanitary surfaces, e.g. Sanitary cleaner, floor cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, sanitary descaler, etc. – you are also in the right place.

Stainless steel cleaning and degreasing

Try our professional Stainless steel degreaser that will allow you to clean stainless steel and other metals to restore their shine and protect them from corrosion in the short term.

All-purpose cleaners

Effective and powerful detergents for general cleaning of grime and other dirt that is hard to remove.

Have you ever tried professional household cleaning products for cleaning your home?

If you are used to regular commercial household cleaning products, you will not believe your eyes when you try Mavro International's professional home cleaning products! Because the formulas of our cleaning products (as well as other products) are designed for industrial use, the products are much more effective as they have to be able to fight the most stubborn dirt, grease and in many cases multiple layers of grime that have accumulated over a long period of time. Now that you know about Mavro International’s products, you can tackle some of the cleaning tasks you've given up on, because you thought it was impossible to remove, like, annoying yellowing from cigarette smoke or a lime stain on the floor.


Not sure which Household cleaning product you need?

Even though we try to present and distribute our household cleaning products as well as possible, sometimes our customers don't know exactly which product is best suited for their cleaning challenge. If you have a more specific cleaning task and you are not sure which professional cleaning product would be best suited to your situation, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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