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Protective coatings

Mavro International  produces and supplies industry grade protective coatings and similar products for over twenty years. Our team of scientists and field workers work in concert to give you the most effective and safe protective coatings for all kinds of porous and non porous surfaces. 



Industry grade protective coatings now for home use

Waterproof coating is just one of the many functions our professional protective chemicals offer. We provide your household with patio sealers and block paving sealers that will help you maintain your driveway or patio dirt resistant and water repellent for a long time. Applying Mavro’s floor sealers and coatings is so much easier than cleaning various types of floor from scratch, every single time, because after application concrete, brick, natural stone and other porous surfaces become water and dirt repellent and yes, if you need a quality wooden floor sealer, we provide those as well . But we don’t stop at floor sealing! 

Coat and protect for easy cleaning afterwards 

Ever had a problem with drawings being made right after you’ve painstakingly cleaned a surface? With the right choice of anti vandal paint, walls can be protected against graffiti, ink, grease, dust etc. Of course we can’t prevent graffiti vandals from damaging your property, but we can help you make the walls and floors much easier to clean.

Facade coatings and anti graffiti coatings are some of our strong suits, but our protective coatings can help you impregnate and protect just any kind of porous and nonporous surface:

- If you need a protective coating for a brick wall, use Mavro International’s brick sealers (even if you want to provide just brick waterproofing).

- Sealing a concrete floor in your yard and preventing its erosion is not a problem with Mavro’s products for sealing concrete.

- Even if your patio floor or wall that needs protection is made of sandstone, we’ve got you covered with our sandstone sealer.

- If the surface you need protection for is metal, plastic or another non porous material, you should try Ceradur, our liquid glass coating line of products that will help protect for example part of your kitchen or provide a ceramic coating for cars or car parts. What is even nicer about our protective coating products is that once you apply them, not only will surfaces be dirt and water repellent (thus cleaned much more easily in the future), objects will also have a refreshed look and retain their value.

Check out other protective coatings

If you would like to take a look at each category of Mavro International’s line of protective coatings and nano coatings separately, just click on one of the subcategories below:

Floor conservation

Facade coatings

Anti Graffiti Coatings

Nano coatings

INOX Concept

Renovation coatings

Polysilazane coatings

Other coatings

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  1. NITOCRYL™ 57710
    As low as €238.68
    • Color restoring coating
    • Reversible
    • Easy to apply
    As low as €64.65
    • 2 components
    • In colour and transparent/li>
    • For various surfaces
  3. NITOGUARD® TEXTILE Nano coating for textile 59004
    As low as €68.93
    • For a.o. textile
    • Easy to apply
    • Transparent coating
    As low as €19.52
    • Water based sealer
    • Easy to apply
    • Permeable to vapor
  5. MAVROSEAL WETLOOK Facade coating 57645
    As low as €17.63
    • Solvent-based
    • Easy to apply
    • For porous surfaces
  6. NITOCOLOUR 2C 57614
    As low as €87.09
    • 2 components
    • Polyurethane coating
    • In gloss and matte
  7. NITOSHIELD 57618/1
    • Color restoring coating
    • Semi-permanent
    • Easy-to-clean effect
    As low as €18.30
    • Very durable
    • User friendly
    • Excellent adhesion
    As low as €29.87
    • Waterbased impregnation
    • Easy to apply
    • Durable and wear-resistant
  10. MAVROSEAL WB Waterborne facade coating 54089
    As low as €5.68
    • Waterbased impregnation
    • Water-repellent ability
    • For porous surfaces
    As low as €27.22
    • Semi-permanent
    • For low temperatures
    • Biodegradable
  12. NITOCOAT® 57707
    As low as €116.00
    • Color restoring
    • Renovation coating
    • Shiny finish
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