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Special purpose cleaners

Sometimes conventional, commercial cleaners just don’t do the job and this is true in domestic as well as industrial environments. Mavro International has been producing high quality professional cleaners for industrial and home use for decades. If you are interested in our range of professional cleaners or household cleaners, please check out the categories Professional Cleaning Products and Household Cleaning Products. Continue reading if you are interested in cleaning products that are used to for cleaning specific surfaces or materials, i.e. Special Purpose Cleaners.

What are special purpose cleaners and what are they used for?

In this category (Special purpose Cleaners) you can browse products for specific cleaning. What do we mean by this? Stubborn dirt, specific substrates or materials require specific cleaning products – or special purpose cleaning products - otherwise the cleanliness can be achieved only partially. It took us many years of experience in the production and use of professional cleaning products, to produce special cleaning products for dedicated use, that do the job faster and better than conventional cleaning products. It should be no surprise that our cleaning products for special cleaning tasks were used by professionals, before they were made available for commercial use.

Mavro’s Special purpose cleaners are divided into Professional cleaning products and Removers

Removers of different kinds of dirt and pollution

All the products in the category Special Purpose Cleaners are actually cleaners, or rather, professional cleaning products, but some are called Removers for a reason. Removers usually "target" the cleaning, or removal, of a specific type of dirt or contamination. We payed close attention to the wishes and needs of our customers and we have developed the following removers accordingly:


This cement remover is an effective cement residue remover to have on hand when you are finishing off your masonry work. It will help you remove cement residues caused by dried mortar, lime, etc., and can also be used as a concrete remover for removing concrete from sensitive mineral surfaces such as terracotta, glazed tiles, bricks, etc.). The professional cement remover is also available in gel form for easy application on ceiling surfaces, and we also offer a similar product called CONCRETE RESIDUE REMOVER, a special purpose cleaning product for removing concrete or concrete residues.


Mavro International has produced an extremely powerful professional rust remover, which until now has been mainly used by larger companies in their workshops. Now we are also offering a rust remover with the same formula for the consumer. RUST REMOVER removes iron rust from most metals and protects them against corrosion in the short term. You can use it as a chemical rust remover to remove rust from metal on your car or metal parts on other machines and such. We recommend that you then also protect the cleaned parts with one of the surface protectors you can find in the category Protective Coatings. If a rust protector is applied after the rust remover, your property or product will retain its value and shine for a long time.


Because removing silicone from tiles and other surfaces is not a piece of cake, we have developed a special silicone remover that will make removing silicone that has become embedded in the surface of tiles, grout, concrete or other surfaces immeasurably easier. This silicone remover solvent can be used to remove silicone caulk, as a silicone sealant remover and for similar tasks. Remove silicone based substances with Mavro’s silicone remover once, and you will never search another product for removing silicone in your bathroom, kitchen or garage. This is most definitely the best way to remove silicone.


This is not just a glue remover, but also a sticker remover and a remover of all kinds of sticky residue. Removing different types of adhesive and removing stickers can be quite a task if you don't have the right tools and cleaning agents, whether it's removing recently applied glue or removing old glue or adhesive. We have developed this special Glue Remover for this purpose, which, in addition to helping to remove glue, also acts as an exceptional label or sticker remover.

In addition to the above-mentioned removers, we also offer other products for removing dirt, various types of contamination and pollution:

- SALT&OXIDEREMOVER urine cleaner (also for other types of salts and oxides)

- BIOFRESH odour remover (for odour removal, also for mould odour removal)

- LIMEREMOVER Limescale remover

- OIL REMOVER Oil Stain Remover

- ALGEN REMOVER Moss Killer (anti-moss, lichen and algae agent for removing moss from concrete and other porous surfaces)

- Soot remover


Special cleaning products for specific cleaning purposes

We offer effective and user friendly professional special purpose cleaners that offer solutions for a wide range of cleaning tasks, surfaces and contaminants. Not only do we manufacture these products, but we also use them ourselves and supply them to other professional cleaners and cleaning services. What you can see in this category is a collection of specific professional cleaning products used by professional cleaners and cleaning services all over Europe.

Special purpose cleaners for cleaning all types of surfaces and for particularly stubborn dirt

In our range of special purpose cleaning products, you will find professional products for all common cleaning challenges. You will immediately notice that Mavro International's professional special purpose cleaners perform much better than commercial cleaning products. They are industrial grade cleaning products, which means they have been designed to remove the most stubborn contamination, dirt, grease, oils etc. and because our specialty cleaners are designed with a specific cleaning problem in mind, they will not let you down!

Some of the most popular products among Mavro International's Special Purpose Cleaners

ALUCLEAN a top of the line aluminium cleaner

An aluminium cleaner that you can use not only to clean aluminium, but also to remove grease, oil stains and dirt from aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

GLASSRENOVATOR a one of a kind glass cleaner and similar products

Anyone can clean manage to clean glass, but if you really want to do the job a 100%, or if you're cleaning glass that's really badly dirty - including from smog and similar stubborn grime and pollutants – well then you will want to use some of Mavro International's glass cleaners. The range includes glass cleaners, window cleaners, as well as products for deep cleaning glass that's been damaged and dirt has become embedded in the glass – such as the product GLASSRENOVATOR.

Isopropanol (Rubbing alcohol) and other alcohol-based products

Isopropanol alcohol, an alcohol spray, alcohol for cleaning, other alcohol based products as well as an alcohol hand gel used for hand disinfection that is not aggressive on the skin.

Wood cleaning and preserving products

We have a quality product that is ideal for wood protection and to restore the original shine of wood.

DEEPCLEAN polishing paste

It can be used as a polishing paste for cars or for other, non-metallic surfaces. It also works great as a polishing paste for plastics, glass, glass ceramics, etc. We also offer a special product: the ETCHREMOVER scratch polishing paste which is essentially a scratch remover.

Biodegradable cleaners

A lot of our products are environmentally friendly, i.e. biodegradable. If you are only interested in these, you can use the filters on the left and tick the box "BIO". This will show you only biodegradable cleaning products.

Do not forget about safety when using Mavro International’s Special Purpose Cleaners

Since we use the professional special purpose cleaners that we manufacture ourselves, we always make sure to protect ourselves properly before cleaning, so that we don't damage surfaces, ourselves or others during the cleaning process. We advise you do the same. Once you have picked all the Special purpose cleaning products you need, take a look at our specialist cleaning equipment to make sure you already have everything you need to clean effectively and safely.

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