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A high-quality rinse-aid with powerful cleaning and preservation ability.
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NitoShineis a strongly concentrated rinse-aid based on surfactants and special additives that ensure an outstanding water-repellent effect.
NitoShine is added in ratios 1:10 up to 1:50 to the final rinsing water and gives an excellent deep shine to large surfaces such as sheet piling panels.
NitoShine dries streak-free and does not require rinsing off.

NitoRange consists of a collection of high-quality, protective colour- and shine-retention coatings for non-absorbent surfaces. Aware of the fact that every surface, situation and object differs, our laboratory has developed a wide range of renovation coatings. Permanent coatings, semi-permanent reversible coatings and colour coatings,, each with their own unique properties. Customization, quality, durability and colour deepening are all represented within the NitoRange!


NitoShine has been specially developed for application on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, high-pressure laminate, windowsills, (powdered) aluminium and coated surfaces. In particular powdered window frames on office buildings and powdered cladding.


  • Strong water-repellent effect
  • Very concentrated and thus economical in use
  • Streak-free results
  • Easy to use


10 L


  1. Dilute NitoShine 1:10 up to 1:50 with clean (demi)water,
  2. Apply the product with a low pressure spray or add this to the reservoir of a high pressure spray.
  3. Rinsing is not required.


Ambient temperature: minimum 5°C

Surface temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 5°C

300-500 m2/L