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Graffitiguard Permanent 2c

High-quality 2-component permanent anti-graffiti coating based on modified polyurethanes.
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Graffitiguard Permanent 2c is a permanent anti-graffiti coating based on superior 2-component polyurethane
Graffitiguard Permanent 2c forms an extremely strong and chemical resistant layer from which graffiti is easily removed.
Graffitiguard Permanent 2c has excellent UV-resistance and therefore has a long-lasting outdoor durability.
Graffitiguard Permanent 2c is available in colour or transparent in both gloss or mat.


Graffitiguard Permanent 2c is mainly used on absorbent mineral surfaces such as concrete, brickwork and natural stone. Examples are overpasses, tunnels, bridges, sound barriers and buildings.
Graffitiguard Permanent 2c can also be applied on non-porous surfaces such as steel and plastic.


• Excellent protecting against penetration of graffiti and other aggressive chemicals
• Available in colour and transparent
• Resistant to penetration of oils, solvents, grease and many different chemicals
• UV-resistant
• Water and weather resistant
• Excellent outdoor durability


5 and 10 kg.


Mixing A- and B-component
1. Pour component B (hardener) in its entirety in the packaging of component A. With the help of a spatula, scrape any remaining product to completely empty the packaging of component B.
2. Carefully mix component A and B for 5 minutes with the aid of a mechanical stirrer to obtain a homogenous mixture. Mix at a low speed to avoid air entrapment.
3. Add max 0 - 10% Pu Thinner and mix well. Dilution depends on personal preference and application method.

1. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and dust-free. Protect glass and surfaces that will not be treated.
2. Pre-treat concrete, masonry, other mineral surfaces and bare metals with Graffitiguard Permanent Primer 2c. Lightly sand old coating layers.
3. Apply Graffitiguard Permanent 2c with a roller, brush or spraying equipment.
4. Apply a second layer after 24 hours.


Ambient temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Substrate temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Relative humidity: maximum 80% and 3° C above dewpoint


Dust-free: 5 - 10 minutes
Dry: 6-8 hours
Paintable: after 24 hours
Fully cured: after 4 - 7 days
Potlife: 1 hour at 20°C


Consumption is 2-8m2/L per layer. Consumption is influenced by the absorbance and porosity of the surface.


Can be kept for at least 12 months in original unopened packaging.
Store in a cool, frost-free place.


Avoid inhalation. Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear suitable gloves, protective clothing, respiratory protection and safety glasses. Flammable liquid and vapor. If in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Consumption is 2-8m2/L per layer. Consumption is influenced by the absorbance and porosity of the surface.