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NITOGUARD® WOOD Nano coating for wood

Quality nano coating for wood based on fluorine technology for long-term protection of wood. Impregnate wood with this product for long lasting protection against water and dirt.
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NITOGUARD® WOOD is an innovative impregnating agent based on fluorine technology.
NITOGUARD® WOOD is waterborne and environmentally friendly.
NITOGUARD® WOOD is a high-quality impregnating agent that makes mineral surfaces long-term water- and dirt-repellent.
NITOGUARD® WOOD prevents water absorption, thus offers protection against stains, weathering and wood rot.
The NITOGUARD® products consists of a collection of high-quality coatings for several different surfaces. The use of high-quality raw materials based on fluorine or nanotechnology makes it possible to obtain long-lasting and extreme water-, grease- and dirt-repellent properties. Because every material is different, the NITOGUARD® product line has a solution for every type of material.


NITOGUARD® WOOD is suitable for application on all light and strong absorbent wood and wood composites.
NITOGUARD® WOOD is widely used on wooden fences, decks, patios, houses and facades.
NITOGUARD® WOOD is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


• Invisible after drying
• Protects against water absorption and staining
• Breathable and water vapour permeable
• Environmentally friendly
• UV-resistant
• Solvent-free


1, 10 and 50 L.


1. Treat aged surfaces with WOODRENOVATOR to restore original colour.
2. Remove old paint layers by sanding or stripping with STRIPOFF.
3. Ensure that the surface is completely clean, dry and dust-free.
4. Distribute NITOGUARD® WOOD evenly with a felt-roller, brush or low pressure spray.
5. With strong absorbent surfaces, add a second later wet-on-wet.


Ambient temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Substrate temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Relative humidity: maximum 85%


Dust-free: 1-1,5 hour
Dried through: after 6 - 8 hours


15-35 m2/L depending on the absorbance and porosity of the wood.


Can be kept for at least 12 months in original unopened packaging. Store in a well-ventilated, dry, cool and frost-free place.


NITOGUARD® WOOD is not classified. Wear suitable gloves and safety glasses. When in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

15-35 m2/L depending on the absorbance and porosity of the wood.