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Graffitiguard Permanent Hd Primer

Adhesion primer for Graffitiguard Permanent Hd.

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Graffitiguard Permanent Hd Primer is an easy to apply, transparent, 1-component adhesion primer for smooth surfaces
Graffitiguard Permanent Hd Primer cures at room temperature to form a strong adhesion layer between the substrate and Graffitiguard Permanent Hd.


Graffitiguard Permanent Hd Primer can be used on all smooth and non-porous materials such as metals, plastics, paint and smooth composite materials.


• Very low consumption rate
• 1-component and easy to process
• Significantly improves adhesion and durability of silicone based coatings
• Quick drying


Ambient temperature: maximum 35°C, minimum 8°C
Substrate temperature: maximum 35°C, minimum 8°C
Relative humidity: maximum 80% and 3°C above dewpoint


1. Clean the surface to be treated and remove graffiti and other contamination such as soot, wax, oil, paint residues, etc.
2. Make sure that the surface is completely intact, dry and free of dust.
3. Apply Graffitiguard Permanent Hd Primer in a very thin layer using a microfiber sponge. Best results are achieved with a layer thickness between 1 and 10 microns.
4. Allow primer to cure at ambient temperature for 1 2 hours before applying Graffitiguard Permanent Hd. Application of Graffitiguard Permanent Hd should take place within 5 hours of application of the primer.


Water resistant: after 4 hours (at 20°C)
Cured: up to 24 hours depending on layer thickness
Fully cured: approx. 7 days


100 mL, 1 and 5 liters


Consumption is 60-80 m2 per liter.


Can be kept for at least 12 months in original unopened packaging.
Store in a well-ventilated, cool and frost-free place.


Flammable liquid and vapour. Avoid inhalation of aerosols. Avoid skin and eye contact, wear suitable gloves, protective clothing and safety glasses. If in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Consumption is 60-80 m2 per liter.