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Total House Cleaning Kit

A house has various rooms and objects and therefore requires various cleaning products. We offer a cleaner for every room with our Total house cleaning kit.

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A house has various rooms and objects and therefore requires various cleaning products. We offer a cleaner for every room. From cleaning the floors and the interior to descaling and cleaning the toilet or bathroom.

We offer products for both daily and periodic cleaning. Did you know that our interior cleaner can be used as an all-purpose cleaner? Ensure a clean home or office with our total package for daily cleaning. This total package contains the following products:

- 1 liter Sanitary Cleaner
- 750 ml Sanitary Descaler
- 1 liter Biofresh (Odour Remover)
- 1 liter Floor Cleaner
- 1 liter Interior Cleaner
- 1 liter Glass Cleaner

Sanitary Cleaner is for daily cleaning of toilets and bathrooms. Removes skin fat, deposits, lime and soap residues and leaves a streak-free result. Can be used on any water-resistant surface.

Sanitary Descaler is used for breaking down limescale on tiled and glass walls of bathrooms, tile walls, bathtubs, toilet bowls, other sanitary fittings, swimming pools and sports halls, car washes, etc.
Do not use on acid-sensitive materials such as marble, natural stone and tiles with strong lime content. Do not use on metals such as stainless steel or aluminium.

Biofresh is a friendly cleaning agent with a strong odour destroying effect. Removes unpleasant odours and cleans the surface. Can be used on tiles, porcelain and floors.

Floor Cleaner is a low-foaming floor cleaner for daily and periodic cleaning of almost all floors such as marble, linoleum, plastic, tiles, varnished and unvarnished wood and stony materials. It quickly and effortlessly removes all types of dirt and dries streak-free.

Interior Cleaner is very good as an all-purpose cleaner and can therefore be used on almost all surfaces. Removes grease, soot, nicotine and other types of dirt.

Glass Cleaner is a cleaner for streak-free cleaning of soiled glass. It removes soiling such as adhered dirt, fingerprints as well as heavy soiling such as nicotine, soot, grease and atmospheric pollution. To be used on washable surfaces like windows, mirrors and separation glass.

Consumption is strongly dependent on the degree of fouling and the dilution used.