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Tar Remover

Powerful remover for removing heavy tar build-up and Tectyl® residues pollution.

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Tar Remover is a powerful product for the removal of extremely greasy pollution such as tar, Tectyl® residues and hydraulic oil.
Tar Remover is a highly concentrated mixture of powerful surfactants that dissolves even the most stubborn tar build-up.
Tar Remover is safe for the user, friendly to the environment and completely biodegradable.


Tar Remover can be safely applied on almost all porous and non-porous surfaces such as metal, powder coatings, plastics, concrete, masonry and natural stone. The product is gentle on the surface and can be used safely on sensitive surfaces such as reflectors and traffic signs.
Tar Remover is particularly suitable for removing tar from rolling stock, trucks, cars and other vehicles.
Tar Remover is widely used for cleaning (pipe) lines, couplings and surfaces in the construction and (petro) chemical industry.


• Quickly and effectively removes tar, Tectyl® residues, wax, oil and other greasy and oil-based contaminants.
• Safe and gentle on almost all surfaces
• Strong resolving power
• Completely biodegradable
• Can be used both indoors and outdoors


1 and 5 L.


Large surfaces
1. Apply Tar Remover undiluted with a low pressure sprayer, brush or broom.
2. Let the product act for 10 minutes to several hours. Regularly agitating with a scouring pad, broom or brush accelerates the product.
3. Spray the dissolved contamination from the substrate with appropriate pressure and hot water (70-80°C)

Loose parts
1. Immerse loose parts with stubborn tar in a bucket or bath with Tar Remover
2. Leave the part on for up to 24 hours and then rinse with hot water.


Tar Remover can be used in all dry weather conditions.


Take into account a consumption of 5 - 10 m2/L. Consumption always depends on the surface and the degree of pollution.


Can be stored in original unopened packaging for at least 24 months. Store in a dry, cool and frost-free place.


Avoid skin and eye contact, wear suitable gloves, protective clothing and safety goggles. When in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Take into account a consumption of 5 - 10 m2/L. Consumption always depends on the surface and the degree of pollution.