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Inox Pre-Clean Stainless steel cleaner

Very powerful stainless steel cleaner developed specially for cleaning stainless steel. Extremely effective on all inox surfaces. It is also used in combination with Inox Degreaser as a preparation of surfaces before applying InoxCoat stainless steel protective layer.

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Inox Pre-Clean is a powerful ammonia-based stainless steel cleaner.
It quickly and thoroughly cleans all types of contamination that are commonly found on stainless steel, such as fingerprints, stains and streaks.
The stainless steel cleaner  is used as the first step in the pre-treatment before applying InoxCoat.


Inox Pre-Clean can be applied on all stainless steel surfaces.
Common surfaces are elevators, escalators, dispensers and cladding.


• Very thorough stainless steel cleaning
• Easy to use
• Powerful cleaning and degreasing properties
• Safe to use on all stainless steel surfaces, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


1. Apply Inox Pre-Clean stainless steel cleaner undiluted with a microfiber cloth.
2. Use a power sponge to remove stubborn.
3. Rinse the surface with water or wipe with a damp cloth.
4. Degrease and dry with Inox Degreaser and apply InoxCoat.


Inox Pre-Clean stainless steel cleaner, can be used in all weather conditions.


1 and 5 L


Consumption strongly depends on the degree of fouling and temperature.


Can be stored for at least 24 months in original unopened packaging. Store in a cool, frost-free place. Keep away from direct sunlight and sources of ignition.


Wear suitable gloves, protective clothing and safety glasses when using the stainless steel cleaner. If in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Consumption strongly depends on the degree of fouling and temperature.