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Power Wipes Refills

Power Wipes refills are extra-heavy and large cleaning cloths impregnated with a strong cleaning agent. Power Wipes are suitable to remove heavy soiling. The wipes can be placed in the the reusable packaging of Power Wipes. 

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Power Wipes Refills are extra-heavy and large cleaning cloths impregnated with a strong cleaning agent. Power Wipes Refills are used on the surface directly from the packaging and without water. The wipes are silicone-free and leave no sticky residue on the surface. Power Wipes Refills are packed per 100 in a sturdy bucket and each wipe has a size of 30x24cm. In addition, the cloths have an abrasive action that supports the removal of stubborn dirt. Power Wipes Refills contain only non-irritating ingredients and glycerine that prevents skin dehydration and leaves skin feeling smooth. Power Wipes Refills can be placed in the recyclable and reusable bucket.


Power Wipes Refills are suitable for removing heavy soiling in workshops and industrial environments. These include paint residues, inks, adhesives, sealant residues, oils, soot, lubricants and many other contaminants.


• 100 high quality 24x30cm cloths
• Pleasant fragrance
• Very powerful due to the abrasive effect
• Moisturises the skin
• No water needed


1. Before use, open the bag and turn the roll over to improve distribution of the liquid. Remove a cloth from the centre of the roll through the opening.
2. Remove a single cloth from the bucket and use directly on the soiled surface. Rinsing is not necessary
3. Throw used cloths in the waste bin. Do not flush down the toilet.
4. Keep packaging closed as much as possible to prevent drying out.


100 cloths


In original sealed bag, the wipes have a shelf life of at least 24 months. Store in tightly closed packaging in a dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. After opening and putting the wipes into the reusable bucket, keep the container closed as much as possible to prevent dehydration.