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About MAVRO International
MAVRO International has the best products for cleaning, protecting, embellishing and preserving all kinds of surfaces. Houses, business premises, floors, facades, viaducts, bridges, trains... with us they are in clean, durable hands.

With over 25 years of knowledge MAVRO International may call itself a specialist in the field of cleaning and protection. We are proud of our broad clientele, which includes the Dutch Railways and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Outside the Netherlands, we are now also expanding our business, resulting in branches in Italy and Slovenia.

Knowledge expert, product developer and supplier
What makes MAVRO International unique in the world of cleaning agents and protective equipment are the passionate professionals behind our products.

Laboratory; the beating heart of the company
Our specialists in the laboratory, for example. Inspired by green technologies, they are at the cradle of new (customized) products and know how to continuously improve our cleaners, protectors and coatings.

Technical advisors; our walking encyclopaedias
Our technical advisors are also brimming with knowledge. They are not afraid to carry out a test piece or to give tailor-made advice. Contact us without obligation and discover what MAVRO International can do for you.

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