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Universal alkaline stripper for floor waxes and other semi-permanent coatings.
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Multistrip is a powerful stripper for removing polymer floor waxes and various other semi-permanent (renovation) coatings.
Multistrip is a concentrated alkaline cleaning agent and contains solvents for fast and effective action.
Multistrip is low foaming and can be used in combination with a scrubbing machine.


Multistrip can be applied on all water-resistant hard surfaces including linoleum floors, painted surfaces, plastics and metals. Do not use on water sensitive floors such as untreated wood.
Multistrip is used for the removal of polymer floor waxes such as the Floorguard Polycryl in, for example, public transport and school buildings. Multistrip is used for removing various semi-permanent coatings, including Nitoshield, Nitocryl, Nitowax and Inoxcoat.


• Highly concentrated
• Gel consistency for a longer treatment time and use on vertical surfaces
• High dissolving power
• Fast-acting
• Low foaming


10 L.


Multistrip can be used in all dry weather conditions. Ensure proper ventilation when used indoors.


Stripping floor waxes:
1. Dilute Multistrip according to the amount of layers and degree of pollution 1:1 or 1:10 with cold water.
2. Distribute Multistrip over the surface with a flat mop or a squeegee.
3. Allow the product to work on the surface for a minimum of 15 minutes. Do not let the surface dry during the process.
4. Scrub the surface with a floor pad.
5. Remove the contaminated solution from the surface and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
6. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying a new layer of Floorguard Polycryl.

Stripping semi-permanent (renovation) coatings:
1. Apply Multistrip undiluted with a soft brush or a microfiber cloth.
2. Allow the product to work on the coating for several minutes until this dissolves. Rubbing with a pad speeds up the process.
3. Rinse the surface with clean water.
4. After cleaning with Multistrip, the surface can be degreased and dried with Isopropanol, after which a new coating can be applied immediately.


Consumption is 10-20 m2/L depending on the coating that has to removed and the dilution used.


Can be stored in original unopened packaging for at least 24 months. Store in a dry,cool and frost-free place.


Causes severe burns and eye damage. Avoid skin and eye contact, wear suitable gloves, protective clothing and safety goggles. When in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.


Consumption is 10-20 m2/L depending on the coating that has to removed and the dilution used.