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Mavrox® EP Tileprimer 2c

Waterborne 2-component epoxy-primer for tiles.
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Mavrox® EP Tileprimer 2c is waterborne 2-component epoxy-primer for application as an adhesive layer on tiles.
Mavrox® EP Tileprimer 2c is used as an adhesive primer on tile floors that are finished with a Mavrox® floor-coating or cast floor.
Mavrox® EP Tileprimer 2c ensures strong adhesion, chemical resistance and a long durability for Mavrox® floor systems.

Mavrox® is a product line with a broad assortment of high-quality building chemical products. Mortars, epoxy and polyurethane floor- and wall panel-systems. Durable products to preserve and protect various surfaces for a long period of time. Construction chemistry for professionals!


Mavrox® EP Tileprimer 2c has been specially developed as an adhesive layer on tile floors.
Mavrox® EP Tileprimer 2c adheres to most surfaces and can be applied on cement-bound floors and old paintwork.


• Contains no organic solvents
• Excellent adhesion strength
• Easy to apply with a roller
• Excellent resistance against aggressive chemicals ( oil, grease, gasoline, acids, alkali, etc.)
• Excellent shock and impact resistance


Surface preparation
1. The substrate must be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease. In case of old and soiled substrates, first remove loose particles, grease, dirt etc. For further information about the pre-treatment, please read the expert-page "Floor preservation" at or consult one of our technical advisors.
2. Repair any holes and cracks with Mavrox® EP Repair Mortar 2c.

1. Add the B-component to the packaging of the A-component and mix thoroughly using a drill and paint mixer. Mixing by hand is not sufficient for floor coatings! Mix for 3 minutes at low speed (300-400 rpm) to avoid air entrapment.
2. Pour the prepared product into the bucket from which you are going to work and stir it well again to be sure.
3. Apply the coating with a roller in strips of approx. 1.5 m long. Use 200 grams per m2.
Work from left to right (or the other way around) and overlap each strip by a few centimetres. After a strip of 1.5 m has been applied, roll it over with a wide paint roller; this prevents visible roller tracks, layer thickness differences and other unevenness. Repeat this pattern until the entire floor has been treated.


Ambient temperature: minimum 8°C
Substrate temperature: minimum 8°C
Relative humidity: max. 80%


5 and 10 kg sets


Consumption is 5 m2/kg, this depends on the absorption and porosity of the surface.


Can be kept for at least 12 months in original unopened packaging.
Store in a cool, frost-free place.


Avoid skin and eye contact, wear suitable gloves, protective clothing and safety goggles. When in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Consumption is 5 m2/kg, this depends on the absorption and porosity of the surface.