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Graffitiguard Colour

Semi-permanent sacrificial anti-graffiti coating in colour.
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Graffitiguard Colour is a high-quality sacrificial anti-graffiti coating based on environmentally friendly raw materials and is available in all RAL and NCS colours.
Graffitiguard Colour forms a durable protective layer that protects the surface for 7-10 years depending on the condition the surface is in.
Graffitiguard Colour makes it possible to quickly and efficiently remove graffiti without the need for chemicals. The sacrificial layer will release from the surface alongside the graffiti with the use of high pressure and hot water. After removing graffiti from the surface it is possible to directly apply a new layer of Graffitiguard Colour.
Graffitiguard Colour is based on environmental friendly wax emulsions that melts at high temperature and is completely biodegradable according to the OECD test 302 B .


Graffitiguard Colour is suitable for all surfaces and is widely used on sound barriers, buildings, walls, overpasses, bridges, tunnels, wood and natural stone.


• Excellent protection against penetration of graffiti and markers
• Protects the surfaces against atmospheric contaminations and moisture
• Available in all RAL and NCS colours
• Waterborne
• Vapour permeable
• Environmental friendly
• Biodegradable (OECD test 302 B)
• UV-resistant


1 l, 5 l, 10 l, and 25 l.


1. Mix and shake Graffitiguard Colour well. Application can be done on a dry or slightly damp surface.
2. Apply Graffitiguard Colour evenly with a roller or a low pressure spray.
3. Allow the first layer to dry until hand dry before applying a second layer.
4. Apply Graffitiguard Colour in minimal 2-3 layers, depending on the colour and opacity.


Ambient temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Substrate temperature: maximum 30°C, minimum 10°C
Relative humidity: max. 95%


Water- and graffiti-repellent: After 2 hours
Dried: After 4 hours
Optimal protection: After 72 hours


Consumption is 5-10 m2/L. Consumption is influenced by the absorbance and porosity of the surface.


Can be kept for at least 12 months in original unopened packaging.
Store in a cool, frost-free place.


Avoid skin and eye contact. Wear suitable gloves, protective clothing and safety goggles. If in doubt, always consult the safety data sheet or our R&D department.

Consumption is 5-10 m2/L. Consumption is influenced by the absorbance and porosity of the surface.